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ELAN is a design house with coveted couture, pret-a-porter, and a ready-to-wear line in addition to its wildly successful unstitched lawn and silk collections. 


When Pixelette Technologies started working on ELAN’s website, they had a plethora of hurdles to overcome. These included: 1-Less research-based content
2-No page engagements
3-Less traffic


When Pixelette Technologies started working on 15 March 2020 the condition of their Facebook page wasn’t a satisfying one as we had to overcome several hurdles. But that doesn’t stop our team of professionals from putting on their untiring efforts. The major goals we were given included:

Increase the activity on the page

Increase the number of likes and followers

Social Media IMpact

When Pixelette Technologies started on ELAN’s project the number of followers on their accounts was dipping quickly. But with the experience and talent of our team, it wasn’t too long before we started having an impact as the activities on their page jumped to 60% within just 30 days. On the other hand, page likes and followers increased by 54% each in the same period. From 15 March to 14 April the post reach increased by a whopping number of 90%. Moreover, post engagements increased by 83%. The task seemed quite unrealistic but the result speaks for itself as shown by the graph listed below:

elan online store impact

As of Feb 2021, Pixelette Technologies started working on their Twitter accounts to further boost their client’s business. In a short period, their accounts reached saw a huge leap as the numbers increased by 26.8% within 30 days. Moreover, the Tweets and Tweets impressions increased by 4.3% and 6.9% respectively.

After the remarkable story of Pixelette Technologies’ team’s tireless efforts, it wasn’t a surprise that our client was excited and satisfied with the results.

spare room huddersfield


With our highly effective AI tools, we worked on on-page and off-page SEO to rank the trending keywords on top and higher than RoomsinHuddersfield competitors. With commitment, our SEO team surpassed the milestone before the deadline. In less than three months, we were able to rank 66 keywords on the first three pages of Google search results, out of which 25 were ranked on the first page.



Social media is of great significance for business these days. Ranging from small businesses to multi-billion ventures, everybody uses social media for marketing purposes.

We started working on social media on 20th August. After researching and analyzing related business trends, our experts found that Instagram is the most suitable for our client’s business.

At first, the graph shows some ups and downs as we were trying to evaluate the potential market. Once we sought that out, the graph demonstrates noticeable curves predicting sustainable improvement. Using a strategic approach and specific channels of promoting a brand, we managed to reach more than 150k Instagram accounts in a single day! Thus, showcasing our team’s hard work and determination towards our clients.

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