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Absolute Destination manufactures products related to travel. For example, exotic destinations, clothes and custom-designed products. They also print maps and other traveling accessories for tourists to explore the world.
Absolute Destination hired Pixelette Technologies to promote their business on Instagram in December 2020. They gave us a set of goals to be achieved that included:
Increase account reach on Instagram
Increase user engagement
Generate sales from Instagram page


Our experts knew the task was demanding when they first analyzed the business. However, after a full evaluation, we found out the Instagram page was dead to the limits. The challenges we faced were:
1-No user engagement
2-Not related to business posts
3-Duplicate content


Pixelette Technologies started working on the website on 1st April 2020. First of all, our developers took a deep dive into the website issues and started resolving them to make the website look more appealing and responsive.

As we started working on improving the SEO of RoomsinHuddersfield, the client gave us the task to rank a minimum of 5 keywords on the first page on Google search results within three months. It was a challenging milestone to achieve considering the weak health of SEO. Nevertheless, our team was determined to satisfy the client and help the business grow.


Whenever we start the process of online marketing, our experts use AI-based algorithms to predict future progress. After running hundreds of automations and with a lot of research, our digital marketing team proposed a strategy that would exploit market trends. Subsequently, increasing the page’s outreach and skyrocketing the traffic visiting the page. From 22nd December 2020 to 23rd January 2021, we reached 61.3% more accounts than before. That’s a significant rise in a very short time.

The images attached give a detailed graphical representation of our hard work and success.

absoulte destination instagram reach
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