Carvan Carpool Mobile Application

Carvan Carpool approached Pixelette Technologies to develop a solution for the challenges of daily commuting, particularly in populous areas.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies crafted the Carvan Carpool Mobile Application, a platform designed to revolutionize community-based ride-sharing. The app facilitates easy ride matching, cost splitting, and promotes eco-friendly commuting.


Project Objective

Develop an application to pair drivers with passengers, manage ride schedules, and enable cost sharing.


  • Creating an effective matching algorithm.
  • Implementing a secure cost-sharing feature.
  • Building a trust system with user ratings and reviews.

Pixelette Technologies' Approach

  • Engineered an advanced algorithm for optimal ride-matching.
  • Integrated a transparent mechanism for cost-splitting.
  • Added a rating and review system for user trust and safety.


Launched a successful app, evidenced by substantial downloads and active user engagement. Noted for its effectiveness in ride-sharing and community building.

Client Feedback

Carvan Carpool applauded the app for its user-friendliness, accurate matching system, and community focus.


The Carvan Carpool Mobile Application by Pixelette Technologies effectively made commuting more efficient, economical, and community-oriented, meeting the client’s goals and user expectations.