In the burgeoning realm of NFTs, “Buttersmiles 10K” emerges as a confluence of color, form, and blockchain technology. The project is not merely a collection of digital assets but a celebration of metamorphosis and a testament to the boundless potential of generative art. Each digital butterfly in the Buttersmiles collection embodies a unique narrative, resonating with the ever-evolving narrative of digital creativity.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies is proud to unveil “Buttersmiles 10K”, a dazzling foray into the world of generative art through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The project encapsulates a vibrant collection of 10,000 unique digital butterflies, each symbolizing a metamorphic journey in the crypto-art sphere. By harnessing blockchain technology, we have not only created a digital sanctuary for these ethereal creatures but also an inclusive community where creativity, innovation, and digital artistry thrive.


Features Developed

Our development journey led to the creation of a suite of features for “Buttersmiles 10K”:
  • NFT Marketplace: A secure digital haven for buying, selling, and exploring the mesmerizing butterfly NFTs.
  • Smart Contracts (ERC 721 & ERC 1155): Backbone contracts ensuring secure transactions, asset tokenization, and the unique identity of each butterfly.
  • NFT Staking Module: A feature enabling holders to stake their NFTs and partake in the community-driven initiatives.
  • Wallet Connect: A seamless wallet connection facility ensuring a secure management of digital assets.
  • KYC: Know Your Customer module to ensure user authenticity and maintain a trusted ecosystem.
  • NFT Listing and Minting: Features facilitating the creation and listing of new NFTs, paving the way for artists and creators.
  • User Management: A robust system for managing user profiles and tracking their activities.
  • Admin Panel: A comprehensive admin panel for seamless management and monitoring of the platform.
  • Content Management System: An intuitive system for dynamic content management, keeping the community updated and engaged.

Problem Statement

The challenge was to transmute traditional artistry into a digital form, ensuring each NFT retains its unique allure, while also building a robust platform to facilitate community engagement, NFT trading, and further innovation in the generative art space.

Technical Solutions

Harnessing the power of React JS for front-end development, ERC 721 and ERC 1155 for smart contract development, and other cutting-edge technologies, Pixelette Technologies crafted a robust, secure, and user-centric platform catering to modern digital art enthusiasts.

Results and Benefits

“Buttersmiles 10K” now stands as a vibrant community and a marketplace, transcending traditional art boundaries and offering a unique platform for artists, blockchain enthusiasts, and collectors. The project not only highlights the aesthetic allure of generative art but also propels the notion of community-driven digital artistry.


The successful deployment of “Buttersmiles 10K” by Pixelette Technologies marks a significant milestone in the exploration of generative art through blockchain. As we venture into the promising horizon of Butterfly Labs, we are excited about the myriad possibilities that lay ahead, redefining the essence of community, creativity, and digital ownership in the crypto-art space.