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Blockchain Technology is a distributed ledger that contains a secured history of data exchanges. This technology functions through a peer-to-peer network and is not controlled by a central authority that helps in maintaining the transparency of transactions. There are many companies offering Blockchain Solutions.

Before Blockchain, the hash tree or Merkle tree was around and used in handling and verifying data between different computer systems. It used to be like a chain of information blocks, with the newest block containing all the information of all the previous blocks.

Companies Offering Blockchain Solutions:

There are many efficient companies worldwide offering Blockchain Solutions. We are compiling some of the best names in this field. The list is mentioned below.

  1. Pixelette Technologies
  2. Blockchangers
  3. OpenLedgers
  4. LimeChain
  5. IntellectSoft
  6. LeewayHertz
  7. ELEKS

These are some of the most trusted names in the field of Blockchain Solutions.

  1. Pixelette Technologies:

Pixelette Technologies is an award-winning software company using the latest tools and tech to provide the best IT Solutions. It is one of the only companies offering Blockchain Solutions that have developed efficient and robust AI tools that help them deliver the best Blockchain solutions to their clients.

  1. Block changers:

Block changers is an innovative startup aiming to help the government, as well as non-profit start-ups and enterprises.

  1. Open Ledgers:

Open Ledgers target multiple small- and large-scale enterprises to power them with their Blockchain Technology. They enable you to run your business securely and safely with their Blockchain platforms.

  1. Lime Chain:

lime Chain is the ultimate name of trust in providing Blockchain and DLT solutions to their clients. Their extensive experience in the field allows them to offer efficient decentralized solutions by the use of Blockchain.

  1. Intellect Soft:

Intellect Soft is one of the best company which offer Blockchain Solutions. They have partnered with a lot of noteworthy brands.

  1. Leeway Hertz:

Leeway Hertz is an award-winning company that uses the latest technologies to transform the face of business ecosystems.

  1. ELEKS:

ELEKS is going to be your ultimate technology partner in the way of innovation and creation. Their Blockchain solutions help you to have safe and secure transactions.

These are some of the best companies which offer blockchain solutions in the world. They will help you maintain a safe and secure transparent ledger without the presence of any centralized authority.

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