The Background

Beyorch Digital follows the same business model as its parent company, Beyorch, Inc. Where crypto is lent to small businesses, companies, and major institutions. As part of this platform, Beyorch Digital executes algorithmic processes, which include blockchain technology, smart contracts, and algorithmic processes to ensure transparency.


We faced many challenges when developing the blockchain website, such as the criminal connection system, security concerns, low scalability, and high energy consumption. Before developing the blockchain website, our blockchain experts focused on completing all challenges.
Technologies &
In the development of Beyorch, the following technologies and
frameworks were used.

Laravel PHP





Having anticipated these challenges, our professionals have determined all possible solutions to guarantee the achievement of this milestone. Additionally, to prevent criminal acts, we have removed the criminal connection feature from this website, enhanced scalability to simplify transactions and developed Consensus algorithms to reduce the electricity consumption.


Reaching this milestone is remarkable, and the website looks wonderful now. This blockchain website is in great shape now and is more secure than ever thanks to our blockchain experts. This blockchain project has been proven to be one of the finest we’ve ever worked on and our blockchain developers excel in achieving promising results.

The feedback by the Client