Best ways to enhance ZigBee communication protocol in 2020

The primary use of the ZigBee communication protocol is a communication device between a sensor and a control system. It is like a WIFI or a Bluetooth device but is also a short-range communication server with connectivity up to 100 meters. ZigBee uses the global standard 2.4GHz frequency band. This communication server supports the data coming from sensors at the rate of 250kbps. This communication server has a transmission rate between 10 to 100 meters. Lastly, the security concerns provided by ZigBee are considered robust and strong. This encryption is based on the AES algorithm. 

How ZigBee Got its Name? 

The term ZigBee communication protocol refers to the zig-zag dance of the honey bees and these devices are low-powered that can connect long-distance communication by transmitting device to intermediate devices to reach more distant ones. This server operates in industrial, scientific, and medical areas with 2. 4GHz in most jurisdictions. The general cost of ZigBee is from $0.10 and that includes the cost of wireless broad of and installation. These are the certain reasons why ZigBee got this name and with the implementation of communication resources, you could develop immense communication.  

How to Connect ZigBee Using a Smart Hub to Google  

  • Start by downloading the smart things such as a mobile app for IOS or android and then create an account. 
  • Launch the google home app and then tap the Home tab 
  • Select “setup device” 
  • Tap the plus icon 

This implementation of steps helps to grow communication between devices from long distances which is up to 100 meters. The ZigBee communication is widely used all across the world. The perception of this work is rightfully admired by the communication users of ZigBee but there are also some certain steps if you are willing to develop ZigBee communication. 

Setting up a Base for ZigBee 

There few certain steps to follow to develop the setup for ZigBee communication. 

  • Select the backbone for the network: Always start with the ecosystem of ZigBee by finding a basic central gadget to function as their network’s backbone.  
  • Selecting devices to create ecosystem: After setting the backbone of your secured network, next thing to do is to select devices in your smartphone. 
  • Get everything to work together: In this step, you need to set up the hub and then implement the pieces together. 


The thing is if you want to develop a network of ZigBee you need to follow these certain steps and implement them at the right time. Few more things that could be useful are security, network capacity, and device support. Radiofrequency and power consumption are also major parts of developing the ZigBee communication protocol. These measures help to build a secure network of ZigBee. Getting all the work together you need to focus on the perception of your customers also.