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Benefits of Cloud Computing to Secure Data

key facts about cloud computing you need to know

From software and analytics to secure and secure data storage, cloud computing is the one used to provide different services over the internet.

key facts about cloud computing you need to know

US biggest cloud user?

It has been reported that nearly one-half of the US government agencies use cloud computing and have already spent more than $2 billion on creating and supporting the cloud software.

Revolutionized payment method

Since the widespread banking service in 2013, names like PayPal have adopted new crowd-funding services and money management policy. Preferably the act of paying virtually!

Credible to reach $106 billion?

With the 30% growth since 2013 with an estimated view-point to experience 5% growth, which turns out to be a 41% increase in growth, it proves it will result in software-as-service.

60% US IT users trust cloud security

When it comes to storing sensitive data, the US’s IT experts are not concerned. Moreover, almost 80% of enterprise uses cloud software to store data with downsizing their IT department.

A new revolution ahead?

It has been estimated that within the next four, five years, cloud users will experience something exotic. For instance, the development is up to 44%. This is the calculated difference to the 9% growth rate.

Cloud more volatile in coming months

Almost 80% of the US IT department will witness a new change within the next six months. Yes, since 90% of IT decision-makers switched to the cloud, they saw marked improvement in security, quality, and efficiency.

2014 was the year

The year 2014 marks the existence of cloud computing, where a workload of 51% proceeded via the cloud. Hence, the number will continue to grow, and with these statistics in mind, the future of the cloud looks promising.

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