Ragnar Token

The banking landscape is shifting towards digital realms, propelled by the growing need for low-cost, high-quality services, especially among startups and the general public. Ragnar Trading Limited envisioned a digital banking solution transcending geographical and currency boundaries while ensuring reduced transaction costs and competitive forex rates. This vision necessitated a platform where traditional banking services and cryptocurrency transactions coexist and flourish.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies was commissioned to develop a digital banking solution for Ragnar Trading Limited (RTL) to bridge the gap in banking infrastructure access for startups and the general public. The objective was to craft a platform that melds traditional banking services with cryptocurrency transactions, facilitating cost-effective banking services on a global scale. The project involved creating a robust web3 model, including Ragnar Token (RAG) distribution to raise capital for obtaining necessary banking licenses. The developed platform, based on the React framework and Ethereum smart contracts, heralds a new era of digital banking, embodying a seamless fusion of traditional financial services and blockchain technology.


Features Developed

  • React Website: A user-friendly, intuitive website built using React serves as the primary interface for users accessing banking services.
  • Token Creation: Development and deployment of Ragnar Tokens (RAG) for capital raising purposes.
  • Smart Contract (ERC 20): Ethereum-based smart contract for secure and transparent RAG token transactions.
  • Swap Module: The Swap Module enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies effortlessly.

Problem Statement

The traditional banking sector often falls short in providing affordable, quality banking infrastructure to startups and individuals. The challenge was to create a digital bank, under the banner of RTL, that not only caters to this need but also fosters a symbiotic growth journey with startups.

Technical Solutions

Utilizing the power of React for frontend development and Ethereum blockchain for backend operations, a secure, efficient, and user-centric digital banking platform was crafted. The ERC 20 smart contract ensures secure token transactions, while the swap module facilitates seamless currency exchanges, embodying the ethos of digital transformation that RTL stands for.

Results and Benefits

The digital banking platform developed for Ragnar Trading Limited now represents how blockchain technology can revolutionize traditional banking systems. It provides a robust, secure, and user-friendly banking infrastructure and allows RTL to expand its services globally once the necessary banking licenses are obtained.


Pixelette Technologies has successfully delivered a digital banking platform that aligns with the vision of Ragnar Trading Limited, paving the way for a new era of digital banking where traditional financial services and blockchain technology coalesce to provide enhanced, cost-effective banking solutions.