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Hackers Demand $40M in Ransom From Florida School District

Attackers demands 40m dollars in Ransom from Broward schools

Hackers have stunned the management of Broward County Public schools when they installed Ransomware in their systems and encrypted their data. Moreover, they have demanded a whopping amount of 40 million dollars to safely return their data. Also, they threatened to pay them or lose the data or even they will post all the sensitive information regarding their employee or student data online. Although the management of Broward County Schools has claimed that according to investigations the attackers have not yet stolen any information of the students or employees. Moreover, when negotiating with the attackers the district told them that they don’t have that many funds to pay and can only pay 5 Lac dollars to them. But according to reports soon after these negotiations, the communication broke down. The district says it is working with experts to investigate the incident and remediate affected systems. Officials have no plans to pay the ransom now. Other public school districts have also been victims of ransomware attacks in recent years. Districts in Baltimore County, Md.; Fairfax County, Va.; Hartford, Conn.; and Fort Worth, Texas, all reported being hit in the last year. 

Attackers demands 40m dollars in Ransom from Broward schools

After all this stuff happening regarding the information about the students and employees the families showed their concerns and asked the district to negotiate and come to a fair point soon before anything damaging happens. The management has ensured them that they will sooner or later find the solutions and that the personal information of every individual is safe. They also told employees and students that there is no need to panic yet as they are also asking the government to get involved and sort things out for them as the case is sensitive. 

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