Ar Rehman - Online Medical Store

Ar Rehman partnered with Pixelette Technologies to create an efficient online platform addressing the pharmaceutical industry’s cost and access challenges in Pakistan.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies embarked on developing the “Ar Rehman” app, an innovative online medical store in Pakistan, aimed at connecting consumers directly with manufacturers. This project aimed to eliminate intermediaries, thereby reducing costs and offering notable discounts.


Project Objective

  • Develop a direct-to-consumer online medical store.
  • Provide significant consumer discounts.
  • Ensure nationwide medicine accessibility.


  • Establishing a direct connection between manufacturers and consumers.
  • Creating a user-friendly platform.
  • Offering a diverse range of medicines with attractive discounts.

Solutions by Pixelette Technologies

  • Built a robust online platform for straightforward purchasing.
  • Implemented dynamic pricing for the best deals.


  • Eliminated middlemen, reducing consumer costs.
  • Enhanced user satisfaction due to easy access and competitive pricing.
  • Improved medicine availability across Pakistan.


The Ar Rehman app, developed by Pixelette Technologies, effectively reformed Pakistan’s pharmaceutical distribution, presenting a cost-effective and user-friendly method for online medicine purchasing.