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An Overview of Web Applications

With the digitalization of businesses, millions of entrepreneurs use the internet to expand their brand awareness. The Internet has made promoting a brand easier than ever. Also, there are multiple platforms to advertise your product or services. Exploring these options such as website, web application, mobile application, and social media is an important task. However, today we will be discussing how useful web applications are for businesses these days.

How Web Applications Work:

A web application is stored on remote servers and accessed through browsers using the internet. Therefore, most of them just require a web browser but some of them require selective browsers. Commonly used as webmail, online calculators, and e-commerce shops.
Website and web application development have become increasingly popular. With mobile users growing by the day, companies are more concerned about robust mobile and web applications.

Importance of Attractive Web Designs:

Web designing and development are the core segments that require imagination and innovation. There is no arguing that visuals are usually more effective than written text. Hence, Designers have an increased responsibility to offer something different than everyone else. We provide all the required services to walk you through every step along the line.

About Pixelette Technologies:

Pixelette Technologies is the hub of innovative ideas and ingenious minds. We are an award-winning company, where AI technology and the IT industry blend together to produce perfect solutions. Our extensive services consist of Website Development, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, etc. Also, our team of passionate and skilled web developers will help you understand your website along the development process.

Our services:

Front End Development:

This is the formation of a graphical user interface. To demonstrate important information using visuals with perfect aesthetics. Furthermore, our trained and experienced team of developers will ensure to create spectacular designs to engage viewers.

Web Application Development:

Web applications are usually coded in a browser-supported language such as HTML or and JavaScript. Some of them are dynamic and others static. Prerequisites of a web app are an application server, client-server, and database. Let’s get down to the development stage now.

Web Portal Development:

This service is for you if you own a private business and want a platform to store your data. Moreover, It keeps your employees up to date and additionally giving them restricted access as preferred by the admin.

WordPress Development:

WordPress is a widely used open-source content management system. many top tech companies use WordPress for fast and engaging websites. Easy managing options and a complete admin panel make it understandable for business owners. Moreover, you will have complete command over your website and manage it just like you want.


Pixelette Technologies is trusted by hundreds of clients throughout the globe. Many of them just landed on our website by chance and now they have placed their trust in our competent and dedicated team. Do you have any idea? Contact Pixelette technologies to implement your imagination with the finest illustrations and creations.

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