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Established in 2018, Pixelette Technologies possesses a strong global presence with locations in London, Boston, Chicago, Florida, Alicante, Hague, Istanbul,and Lahore. Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of blockchain technology. We offer a wide range of services including blockchain software development, digital marketing and technology-related consultation services, among others. Contact us for a free quote today.

A Message by the CEO

As the CEO of Pixelette Technologies, I welcome you to our website and share our vision for the future of blockchain technology.Our team of blockchain experts, engineers, and developers are dedicated to driving innovation in blockchain technology. We believe that the blockchain has potential to revolutionise the way businesses operate.

Pixelette Technologies specialises in developing blockchain solutions for a wide range of applications, such as supply chain management and decentralised finance (DeFi). We remain at the forefront of blockchain technology while remaining updated with the latest trends.

We observe the potential of Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to unite different blockchain networks. This reduces fragmentation and competition among ecosystems while also promoting interoperability.

We understand that every business has unique requirements. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver tailor-made solutions to them.

We are excited about the future of blockchain technology and the impact it will have. We look forward to exploring the opportunities that blockchain technology will unlock for your business.

Thank you for considering Pixelette Technologies as your business partner.

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Founder and CEO

Pixelette Technologies

Meet Our Team

At Pixelette Technologies, our team consists of experts who have the necessary skillset and experience needed to develop effective solutions based on the unique needs of every client.

Rana Khan

CEO at Pixelette Technologies

At heart, I’m an entrepreneur. My expertise lies in turning abstract ideas into reality. I thrive on developing teams of experts and overseeing the execution and finalization of processes. Through this approach, my team and I deliver tangible results tailored according to the clients’ unique needs. I truly enjoy and appreciate working with people that strive to innovate and achieve across the fields of IT and Digital services.

Rana Khan

Temur Khan AKA Mike

Executive Director at Pixelette Technologies

I am passionate about getting the right IT infrastructure to deliver digital strategies and innovation that can help businesses grow. I enjoy working with clients to understand what they want to achieve and create a tailored IT and digital strategy to meet their needs. My specific areas of expertise include – Blockchain, NFT, Agile Project management, Business development, and Creating Digital and Marketing strategies.

Humza Chishty AKA Harris

Head of Business Development at Pixelette Technologies

Over the years, and at various positions, I have learned the value of effective communication, presentation skills, and most importantly, knowing who to talk to. Working in today’s fast-paced environment really teaches you professionalism; how to interact with foreign/domestic governments, top-tier entrepreneurs, and the general public. If you’ve got targets, I’m the right guy to help you achieve them!

The Minds Behind the Magic: Our Team that is Changing the Game
Our team of experts are revolutionising the industry with their A-grade blockchain, AI, and digital marketing skills. With a passion for innovation and a drive to lead the competition, our team is dedicated to truly making a difference. As a team of leaders, we believe in the use of tech to expand humanity’s capabilities and help you prepare for the future. The expansion of virtual communities is creating new market dynamics and a natural convergence of powerful groups of people with shared interests. Exciting and emerging technologies are rapidly evolving, and we are actively building for the shift in the world landscape. From concept to implementation, we are committed to delivering the highest quality results to help our clients remain ahead in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

Temur Khan

Chief Technology Officer

Humza Chishty

Managing Director

Alan Espinoza

USA (Georgia)

Oskar Rozwens

Poland (Warsaw)

Dave Sackett

USA (Massachusetts)

Cyril Chiffot

Switzerland (Zürich)

Scott Provost

USA (Florida)

Joo Yong Chin (Jeremy)

Malaysia (Ampang)

Asena Kolcu

Ankara (Turkey)

Alejandro López Ortega

Spain (Alicante)

Daniel C. Tschinkel MA

Austria (Salzburg)

Federico Vigano

Lugano (Switzerland)

Lorae Knight

St Catherine’s (Jamaica)

Harold Markowitz

USA (New York)

Carlos Noveron

Mexico (Mexico)

Emmanuel Ruiz-G. Jobim

Brazil (Florianópolis)