About us

Pixelette Technologies  offers a full spectrum of data-driven web marketing services. Our team works diligently for a common purpose: to generate maximum revenue for our clients and build their digital potential. Let our experts help you & get maximum return on investment.

Meet Our Team

At Pixelette Technologies, our team consists of experts who have the necessary skillset and experience needed to develop effective solutions based on the unique needs of every client.

Rana Khan

CEO at Pixelette Technologies

At heart, I’m an entrepreneur. My expertise lies in turning abstract ideas into reality. I thrive on developing teams of experts and overseeing the execution and finalization of processes. Through this approach, my team and I deliver tangible results tailored according to the clients’ unique needs. I truly enjoy and appreciate working with people that strive to innovate and achieve across the fields of IT and Digital services.

Rana Khan

Temur Khan AKA Mike

Executive Director at Pixelette Technologies

I am passionate about getting the right IT infrastructure to deliver digital strategies and innovation that can help businesses grow. I enjoy working with clients to understand what they want to achieve and create a tailored IT and digital strategy to meet their needs. My specific areas of expertise include – Blockchain, NFT, Agile Project management, Business development, and Creating Digital and Marketing strategies.

Tajj Ali AKA Ted

Head of Technology And Blockchain at Pixelette Technologies

I am an ex-banker who has built on my experience to become an Expert in Blockchain development. At Pixelette Technologies, I’m part of a unique team that is driven to connect Client needs with the best IT and Digital solutions to help them achieve their goals. I am a people person, making connections is my passion and through this journey, I have learned 6 languages so far. My areas of expertise include Blockchain, Project Management, and Client relationships.

Humza Chishty AKA Harris

Head of Business Development at Pixelette Technologies

Over the years, and at various positions, I have learned the value of effective communication, presentation skills, and most importantly, knowing who to talk to. Working in today’s fast-paced environment really teaches you professionalism; how to interact with foreign/domestic governments, top-tier entrepreneurs, and the general public. If you’ve got targets, I’m the right guy to help you achieve them!

Our Mission

We strive hard to become brand builders for a better tomorrow. We will be best in providing consistently successful, unique, and forward-thinking digital marketing solutions with a tangible impact on your bottom line.

Our Vision

We walk the extra mile to be leaders in digital marketing services worldwide by setting new standards of professionalism and success. Our primary vision is to leverage expertise and skills to keep our clients financially stable.

Our objectives are based on the development of customer-centric, data-driven strategies that focus on crafting tailored solutions based on the clients’ unique needs. Our experts work hard on bringing our clients’ vision to life in the form of advanced digital solutions.

Our Virtues

To serve as our client’s trusted, indispensable partner for scaling and growing in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced marketplace, we have placed a standard set of values at the core of our business.


We don’t let our clients lose control & provide them 100% transparent & periodic reports containing all the essential metrics.


We never stick to the orthodox methods, particularly when managing digital marketing & web development tasks. We believe in innovation!


Pixelette Technologies always actively seeks out new opportunities for its clients and deals with any threats or problems before they even emerge.