The Background

WHO CAN FIX MY CAR is a top auto repair company specialising in the maintenance and repair of luxury brand cars. Their services include car diagnostics, engine analysis, engine overhaul, oil change, and oil filter replacement..

Lead Generation

Rank Keywords

Increase Orgainc Traffic


When we were put in charge of the project, its website had several technical issues that needed to be dealt with. Our experts took on the challenge of reviving the website for WHO CAN FIX MY CAR and generating more traffic for their business. We were able to take care of all aspects of their SEO, helping the business grow its digital footprint whilst attracting more potential clients.

  • Less researched keywords
  • 404 errors
  • Very little organic traffic

The Keywords

In the execution of our SEO strategy, we were tasked with doing extensive research into the client’s competitors and their market. This helped us find related keywords to use in the optimisation process. 

“Car repair near me”



“Car body shop near me”



“Mobile Mechanic near me”



“Car electrician near me”



The Campaign

We performed an in-depth competitor analysis and content audit on the website for the project. This was followed up with the implementation of SEO best practices to grow the website organically, which included keyword and landing page optimisation.

Our SEO Process

Our SEO process consists of several different steps. The initial objective of the SEO experts is to analyse and research the requirements set forth by the client. This helps them devise a strategy that perfectly meets the needs of the client. After the research and analysis stage, we move on to the execution of the strategy, after which minor changes are made to make sure the strategy follows all SEO best practices.

The results

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Increase in organic traffic

Increase in Conversion

Increase in business growth

The feedback by the Client