The Background

One Stop CCTV provides a wide range of CCTV cameras that will exactly match your needs and requirements. They are a leading CCTV camera shop in Manchester, also providing CCTV camera installation. The website for One Stop CCTV had several technical issues that needed to be dealt with.

Lead Generation

Rank Keywords

Increase Orgainc Traffic

When we were assigned to the project, the website had several technical issues. To revitalise One Stop CCTV’s website and increase traffic, we took on the challenge. In addition to growing their digital footprint and attracting more clients, we managed all aspects of their SEO.
  • Less researched keywords
  • 404 errors
  • Very little organic traffic

The keywords

To implement our SEO strategy, we researched our client’s competitors and their market extensively. As a result, we were able to find related keywords to use in the optimisation process. 

“Camera Shops Manchester”



“Cctv Supplier near me”



“hikvision colorvu 5pm”



“camera store manchester”



The campaign

As a part of their SEO strategy, we worked on a thorough market analysis and website audit to come up with the ideal strategy. Our strategy consisted of taking on both off-page and on-page SEO duties, working to boost the brand’s organic traffic directed to their website.

Our SEO process

Our SEO process consists of several different steps. The initial objective of the SEO experts is to analyse and research the requirements set forth by the client. This helps them devise a strategy that perfectly meets the needs of the client. After the research and analysis stage, we move on to the execution of the strategy, after which minor changes are made to make sure the strategy follows all SEO best practices.

The results

Our strategy led to a boost in the organic traffic for the website, leading to an increase in potential leads and the revenue generated by the company. The overall impact of our optimisation was the elevation of the business through extensive efforts by our SEO team.



Increase in organic traffic

Increase in conversion

Increase in business growth

The feedback by the Client