The Background

Akashic Knowing gives you access to Akashic records, and lets you travel your past lives, information, and past trauma to help you heal your soul and also help those around you. They offer healing sessions where you can have your unanswered questions answered!

Lead Generation

Rank Keywords

Increase Orgainc Traffic


In the beginning the website had some technical issues that were needed to be resolved to avoid inconvenience. To revamp Akashic Knowing’s website and increase traffic, it was our responsibility to take on this challenge. Our prime focus was to accelerate their online presence and engage more audience which was seamlessly done.

  • Less researched keywords
  • 404 errors
  • Very little organic traffic

The Keywords

As part of our SEO strategy, we extensively researched our client’s competitors and their market. In the process of optimising, we found related keywords. These are the results of the keywords of the last month as this project is still underway.

“Akashic Records Reading”



“Akashic Records Meditation”



“Akashic Records Prayer”



“Akashic Records Training”



“Akashic Records Certification”



The Campaign

In order to come up with the best SEO strategy, we conducted a thorough market analysis and website audit. Using both off-page and on-page SEO tactics, we worked to enhance the brand’s organic traffic.

Our SEO Process

There are several steps involved in our SEO process. As part of their initial task, SEO experts analyse and research the client’s requirements. Thus, they can precisely tailor their strategy to their clients’ needs. Our next step is to execute the strategy, then make minor adjustments to ensure it adheres to all SEO best practices after the research and analysis.

The results

Through persistent efforts and strategies they got a huge rise in organic traffic that resulted in an increase in potential leads and the revenue generated by the company. Thanks to our SEO team’s extensive efforts, we were able to elevate the business with our optimisation.

Keywords Tracking report

Weekly Progress

Increase in organic traffic

Increase in Conversion

Increase in business growth

The feedback by the Client