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8 Ways to Build a Completely Secure Mobile App

Importance of a secure mobile app for business

The use of secure mobile app is growing with each passing day. More usage means more vulnerability and risk of hackers. The app development companies are now looking for new ways to secure the apps and protect them from hackers and any other potential threats.

The top mobile app development companies believe that taking care of specific points can help you secure an app completely.

Importance of a secure mobile app for business

Build a hard, secure code:

Code is vulnerable and hackers can easily target and reverse-engineer it for their own purposes. Try to write a hard code that is secure and follow agile development for extra protection.

Encryption is your savior:

Try to encrypt all of your app data, so even if the hackers get access to it, they won’t be able to use it without decryption.

Be cautious when using libraries:

You need to be extra careful when using third party libraries for code building as they can let the attackers use malicious code and crash the system.

Authorized APIs:

We recommend using a central authorization for the whole API in order to achieve maximum security for mobile apps.

Multi-factor authentication:

Having strong password policies as well as the use of multi-level authentication like OTPs and email links strengthens the mobile app security.

Activity logs:

Develop logs of code changes within the apps to stay well-notified of the activities and any possible tampering with the app.

Remote logging-off:

The apps should have a well-established session management feature and the ability to remotely wipe off the data and logging-off in case the device is stolen or lost.

Stay updated:

Stay updated on the latest testing techniques and developing new ways to secure mobile app. You should go for penetration testing and emulators to evaluate the vulnerabilities.

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