8 Interesting Facts About Python

1. The creation of Python:

Python was created as a hobby project when the creator Rossum was looking for something to keep him occupied during the holidays. He later named the new scripting language ‘Python.’

2. Python was named after a comedian:

The creator Rossum was a fan of the famous British comedy coupe Monty Python, and in an impulsive moment, he decided to name his new scripting language after him.

3. Python has a pet poem:

If you type in ‘import this’ in your Python IDLE,a you will find a beautiful poem written by Tim Peters, highlighting the philosophies of Python.

4. The antigravity comic:

Just go to the IDLE  and type in import antigravity if you want to see a nice comic about the antigravity module.

5. Python is popular:

Python is a widely-used and most-liked coding language. Some of the big tech names that use Python as their prime coding language are; NASA, Nokia, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and many more.

6. Influencing the design of JavaScript:

Python is one of the 9 languages that influenced the design of JavaScript.

7. People love Python:

According to a recent survey, almost 6 out of every 10 parents preferred that their children learn Python during their primary school.

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