Ultimate guide to the 8 latest Google my features

8 Google My Business Features Updates for Local SEO

In late 2020, GMB rolled out new attributes for Google researchers to make informed decisions about health standards business

A few of them are:
Mask required

  • Appointment required
  • Temperature check required

Keep in mind that f you follow stricter health-related guidelines than your competitors, and you advertise those guidelines on GMB.

Pandemic-Related Attributes for Restaurants

Description: Google also rolled out COVID-related attributes about several restaurants and other food source businesses.

  • Curbside pickup.
  • No-contact delivery.
  • Dine-in.

Those attributes appeared in GMB shortly after food businesses started reopening.

Attributes for Online Services

Description: During the peak of Pandemic, many folks opted to go virtual and opened opportunity portals for local businesses. Here are a few attributes that businesses can adopt to indicate that they have a virtual offering, such as:

  • Online care
  • Online appointment
  • Online estimates

Ultimate guide to the 8 latest Google my features

Call Logging

Description: This one refers to the test mode, worth keeping an eye on. That will allow you to see recent customer calls via search. Also, read what Google Updates has to say about this feature.

“This will allow you to keep track of your customer’s phone calls, and it will also help you to respond to the missed calls and stay connected with your customers.”

GMB will log both missed and answered calls

Additional GMB Insights Google Data

Description: Google has also updated the performance report, for starters, it will let you know how many visitors have reached out to you after peeking at your profile. Furthermore, it will also let you know how many times your profile has appeared in search results.


Description: Google Updates has launched GMB messaging on its desktop UI. Although it had been used in mobile apps before, you will now gain direct access instead of messaging interface once you log into GMB messaging. A messages button will appear on the sidebar that will allow you to go there.

But there is a catch

A warning: Make sure you respond to messages within a 24-hour window, or Google Updates may revoke your messaging rights. It is because of the user experience, and if you do lose access, you are not permanently banned.

Black-Owned Business Google updates

Description: Google Updates has also updated black-owned businesses to appear more in search results. That makes it easier to find for the user.

This feature was developed upon user interest. When a user searches term related to like “black-owned bookstores,” “black-owned restaurants,” and “black-owned beauty supply”  on Google indicates user interest.

Max Video Upload Size

Description: GMB also added reduce the maximum video upload speed, the limit was 100MB, and the new limit is 75MB. 

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