effective tools for Google structured data

7 Important Tools for Google Structured Data Testing

This tool is the most comprehensive so far to test, manage, execute, and up-to-date changes with updates Google structured. Schema App gives you too much information, which can be a bit overwhelming at times. Schema App also has recommended and required fields to show which attributes you must have in order to show up as rich results.

Merle Structured Data Tool

Merle’s Google structured data tool is ideal for generating some basic structured data such as organization or FAQs. You can quickly find basic structured data types and generate the schema. There is also a catch in this, the drawback to this tool is it only lists basic structure types and does not have any comprehensive, structured data.

Hall Analysis

On the other hand, this tool can quickly and efficiently generate structured data to limited business individuals, products, organizations, or websites. Also, it gives the ability to test it right there and offers more structured data types.

The Rank Ranger Structured Data Tool

This tool provides a new and best variety of structured data types like COVID-19 special announcements and news. It also allows you to copy, reset, validate, and test your structured data.

effective tools for Google structured data

The Chrome Structured Data Plugin

To have structured data displayed on the main page, you must acquire this tool to browse different websites for auditing and research. Moreover, From the plugin, you can test in Google, see if there are any errors or warnings, copy the data in the table, and more.

Google structure Data Testing Tool

Here comes the most important part of testing, The Structured Data Tool is the best tool to test structured data and see what warnings and errors the tool finds for your code. You can either enter a URL or copy and paste your code into it.

Google’s Rich Results Tool

This tool helps to understand whether your page will support rich results by entering a URL or code. Google structured Rich Results Tool and Structured Data Tools should be used together to show if your page is eligible for rich results.

The biggest difference between rich results tools and structured data tools is as follows:

  • The Structured Data Tool can validate all structured data types.
  • Not all structured data types are eligible for rich snippets.

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