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7 Important Steps to Increase Audience on Instagram

critical and efficient ways to increase your audience

Are you looking to boost your Instagram audience? Here are a few critical things that you need to focus on. A platform where you share all the business and ordinary stuff just with a click.

critical and efficient ways to increase your audience

Use hashtags

Using a hashtag can indefinitely expose your targeted audience even if the tagged one does not follow you. Hence, this has proven to be an applicable strategy to boost your audience!

Start following

Another repetitive strategy to gain followers on your Instagram is to keep following similar users and pressing like, like, and like randomly. So, with this strategy, you can easily reach your target audience.

Consistent posting

Being consistent in posting messages and posts helps you engage more and more audience towards you. It has been suggested that to gain more audience, and you need to post regularly.

using filters

This particular platform has grown beyond just posting photos and videos. Yes, with attractive filters, you can engage more audience, and researchers have found 21% of people views and 45% of people are most likely to comment.

practice emojis

A tiny image that fits inside your post can help you build an audience, in fact, and every IOS filter comes with new emoji that rave about in social media. Almost 50% of captions and comments have at least one emoji.

Hosting photo contest

Planning and implementing a photo contest on Instagram is a unique way to bring followers into your account. This makes it easier for people to contest and is a great way to bring followers.

Utilizing videos

An IGTV, Instagram live allows you to connect, if not millions but thousands of followers altogether. This allows plenty of opportunities to grow in your criteria with benefits. 

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