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5 Crucial Ways Social Media Can Empower SEO

Today, many businesses take social media platforms as a single entity but they should consider something that affects their digital marketing strategies. In 2014 Google confirmed that social signals have a strong relationship with website ranking but, still they do not directly influence those ranking. While social media provides many great benefits on its own, it can also assist with other aspects of your digital marketing strategy, such as search engine optimization

Now let’s Dive into the 5 important roles of social media in SEO you need to know!


1. Social media can boost your content performance

Well, if you haven’t used social media platforms to share your content you might be making a huge mistake. Social media platforms are essential to share your content and create new ranking opportunities. Uploading your content on your website isn’t going to help it would just rather sit there and wait for the audience to reach it. On the other hand, social media has a wider audience, and not sharing it there is a total waste. The more people reach your content the more your website is likely to rank on Google SERPs. You might have amazing content that’s worthy of backlinks, but you won’t get them if it goes unnoticed.

2. It can generate more backlinks 

Posting your content for more traffic isn’t the only reason to share it on social medial. With more eyes on your content the more it is likely to get links from other websites. Let’s cut to the chase the content that benefits the people has a higher chance of ranking. Backlinks are the foremost important part of  SEO and link building. That shows Google how valuable your content is to the people, and it is very beneficial.

3. Start using branded search terms

While worrying about the ranking of your website is a pretty major concern for every business. Some people might not put any thought into how your social profile ranks. A branded search terms are the keyword that a user type on search engines like your business or company name. People who search about your company are interested in what you offer and will likely visit your social profiles as well. Social media platforms can provide a bird’s eye view and additional information that is not your website. 

4. It can bring more traffic to your website

Most of us are aware of the generic definition of SEO that is to increase the visibility of a website on search engines. However, increasing the website’s ranking isn’t the only way to gain traffic. You need to focus and stay onboard on your social profiles as well to generate more traffic. You can also find your specific target market from social media as more people use it. Also, some people might not find about your business but rather they benefit from products and services. While SEO could take months to generate traffic but it is worth waiting. Although, social media can be the boost they need to generate more traffic.

5. It helps to build trust among your audience

Today, users have a plethora of options available to choose the right business. It might be a good thing but, it is also the hardest thing that a user finds. There are many spam businesses out there that are ready to pounce on customers. So, finding a trustworthy company is what they are looking for. Poor and nonexistent social media profiles could be a red flag to your customers. Start engaging with your audience using social media profiles to build enough trust.


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