Important facts about web application development company

5 Essential facts about Web Application Development Company you need to know

Web application resides on remote servers delivered directly to the user’s device over the Internet.
These web applications do not need to be downloaded or bought; but instead, they can be easily accessed through an active internet connection. 
However, web apps have a short life-cycle based on the web application development company’s size.
Most clients prefer a computer application such as web browsers, client-side programming. But a majority of web apps can be written in Javascript and HTML5. 

Legitimate Facts About Web Application Development Company you need to know:

1. A Website Doesn’t Look Same

The browsers on each device render a website entirely different relevant to the search. It is, for this reason, a website that looks a certain way on Google Chrome. This means how a browser translates the code into a website and displays it on your screen.

2. Most of the users Simply Scan the Website

A peak of how people read websites, a group of researchers have found that 79% of users scan the website, and only 16% of users read the text word by word.

3. Two Third of Web Usage is on Mobile Devices so Far

The rise of smartphones with the consistent advancement of technology has changed the medium through which users reach out to a website. Which a web application development company must optimize the website with UX.

4. Life Span of Websites Within Three Years

The digital world is continually evolving and advancing. From hardware to software, every aspect of the Internet is bound to change in a few years. That results in effect the websites also. 

5. Source Code of Website Affects Search Engine Ranking

Search engines mostly read your website’s source code, so it is essential that web developers make the code SEO-friendly. Search engines like Google pick up the ranking signals from different HTML elements.

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· Other Developments:

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