common reasons of why Google lacks to index your web pages

5 Common Indexing Issues in Your Webpage

Indexing 101 is just like building something that contains a plethora of cars in a garage where Google acts as a garage and cars as websites. But Google has to find them and save them. 

Google can analyze their content to decide for which queries they might be relevant. Getting indexed is a prerequisite for getting organic traffic from Google. 

Identifying the Indexing Issue

The day-to-day tasks include optimizing websites from a technical SEO standpoint to make them more visible in Google indexing and as a result. Here are some techniques for indexing


  • Use data from your clients that are readily available
  • Ask other SEP professionals to share anonymized data

common reasons of why Google lacks to index your web pages


The verdict includes some serious elements like quality, duplicate content, and soft 404.


Quality issues include your pages being thin in content, misleading, or overly biased.

Duplicate Content

Google indexing may recognize some of your pages as duplicate content, even if you didn’t mean for that to happen.

Soft 404s

 Soft 404s display “not found” information but never return the HTTP 404 status code to the server.

Takeaways on Common Google Indexing Issues

 According to these findings, two sizes of websites are suffering from the same issues.

  • Even relatively small websites (10k+) may not be fully indexed because of an insufficient crawl budget.
  • The bigger the website is, the more pressing the crawl budget/quality issues become.

A Note About URLs Unknown for Google

There’s one more common issue that prevents pages from getting indexed, and that includes orphan pages.

These pages refer to no path for the Google bot to find a page through your website, it may not find it at all.

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