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3 Best Software Development Companies

In the fast pacing world that is becoming increasingly TECHNOLOGIC, reliance on software for the majority of the tasks is increasing. Software companies are crucial to business growth.

These programmers find their applications in nearly all walks of life. CMS, Web development, IT services, cloud hosting or web-hosting, software development companies near me offer it all.

In addition to that, AI-based solutions, services related to big data, crypto-currencies, and machine learning are also available. Apart from Pixelette Technologies, many companies are offering their services like Software Development Companies.

If your search query is software development companies near me, then read more to find out.


It is a newborn company that gained popularity and had its name marked as one of the best companies for software development.

Their dedicated team specializes in Laravel Development. In addition to that, they also offer UX/UI design services and web development.

  • Creating robust and functional digital solutions using the Laravel framework
  • Custom API development for integration with any software
  • Tailor-made content management systems according to each company’s specific needs
  • Ecommerce development for scaling-up the business

Godlore Software

It is a Croydon-based company founded in 2005 that offers software development services to start-ups and well-established businesses.

Their service includes both web and mobile app development. The company has collaborated with several notable firms on their projects. One of their worth mentioning projects is the conversion of paper-based data of NHS into an online database.

Key Services:
  • Application development from scratch utilizing industry best practices
  • Highly reliable technical support for customer queries and problems around the clock
  • Catering to a variety of peculiar organizational needs of each business to provide business-specific applications

Appdrawn Software development

App drawn is the company in the UK that has its office in Barcelona as well. It is a software house that specializes in designing a customized app right according to the needs of each business.

They usually collaborate with small to medium-sized companies. Among their mention-worthy project is the market research portal of a consulting firm.

  • Design and develop fully-functional business software with ongoing support and updates
  • Apps for billing, payment, and resource planning
  • Consultancy and analysis services for businesses to evaluate the requirements and optimize the processes for better outcomes
  • Efficient customer service and customer portal system


Software development companies near me can serve you in a great many ways. With changing needs, software-based solutions are necessary and essential for businesses to run efficiently.

Software development has applications in nearly all fields, including content management, eCommerce, and Healthcare applications. In case you are looking for similar software development companies near me, then reach out to us for our innovative solution regarding efficient software development.