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17 Innovative Marketing Ideas

Have you ever heard of content marketing strategy? Well, this is the deliberate part of marketing that includes blog posts and other writing material. You might not be aware of the fact that through blog posts and content on your website, you can generate more leads than other strategies. 

How to do it?

First, you need to find topics that people are searching for on Google. The easiest way to do this is to use a free keyword research tool like Keyword Generator.

Get video views from Google

Not only do our YouTube videos derive tons of views from YouTube content, but they also rank on Google and get traffic from Google search. Use Content Explorer, a mini search engine that lets you search through a database of over five billion pages for mentions of a particular word or phrase. 



Get included on ‘best x in y’ lists

You can find “best X in Y” lists no matter which industry or region you’re in.  To find these lists, simply search Google for them.

Turn your customers into walking billboards

Start using merchandise marketing strategy in your videos to promote your brand or business. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a T‑shirt. Other low-cost items that have a similar effect include: 

  • Mugs
  • Laptop stickers

Get interviewed on podcasts

Simple. There are thousands of podcasts out there looking for guests to share their knowledge. All you have to do is find them and pitch to be a guest. The easiest way to find podcast opportunities is to search Google for “best [industry] podcasts.”

Work with other brands

Buffer is a social media management tool used by digital marketers, who are also likely to need an SEO toolset. Partnership marketing strategy works pretty well when two businesses have the same target. That also helps to build trust in your audiences.

Use smart targeting to get more views on Quora

That means you can respond to existing questions in your industry, build some brand awareness and generate traffic to your website along the way.

Convert unlinked mentions to backlinks

An unlinked mention is when someone mentions you online but doesn’t link back to you at all. According to a study of 1 billion pages, backlinks correlate heavily with organic traffic. Since you only want to reach out to each site once, check the “One page per domain” toggle. Then in the “Highlight unlinked domains” box, enter your domain. 

Translate your site into other languages

Well, There were tons of people our content and product could benefit who don’t speak English as their first language. 

Piggyback on big sites to rank for competitive keywords

It’s hard to compete for certain keywords as a small business there’s another option: write a guest post for a big, relevant website and piggyback off their reputation and authority to rank. That allows you to occupy valuable SERP real estate, even if it’s not on the website you own. 

Repurpose existing content for maximum exposure

If we just hit ‘publish’ and let it be. So, we extend its shelf life by turning it into multiple formats. 

Create a ‘versus’ page

A “versus” page helps your customers decide between you and your competitors. So, we decided to feature independent polls and reviews instead of doing the same old thing. 

Send your product for reviews

Customers don’t just check product comparison pages before buying a product. So getting your products independently reviewed is a good way to get more earned media, increase awareness, and build your brand. 

Share barebones posts on Reddit

Now, Reddit is notorious for its intense loathing of anything remotely promotional. But its users love helpful, valuable content. 

Capture featured snippets

Featured snippets are pieces of information that typically appear at the top of Google’s search results. Since Google generally pulls the featured snippet from a page that ranks on the first page.

Nurture your fanbase with a Facebook group

As of January 2021, we have around 13.5k active members and average roughly 100 posts a month. 

Do things differently

Rather than produce the same-old corporate sales pitch, We live in a world where everything’s been done before, and most people are blindly copying others. But if you want people to take notice of your brand, you’ll have to stand out. Marketing is ultimately a creative endeavor, and you have to experiment to figure things out.

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