important steps to avoid Facebook jail for influencers

10 Reasons Why Advertisers Get Their Account Restricted on Facebook

The foremost reason for ads getting disapproval is the low page quality, and many advertisers will check their ad setting but neglect the ad organic side. As the ad campaign is tied to your Facebook Jail profile, it’s key for your Facebook page to maintain above-board standing. You don’t want Facebook and users to feel spamming and merely creating what others have already done.

Solution: Always make sure to check your page quality periodically

Facebook Ad Quality

Another miscalculation is the quality, where most of the advertiser’s mistakes. Facebook and Instagram consider a range of factors when approving your ad. That includes relevancy to the target audience and the ad’s quality. It’s best to get a small audience rather than finding irrelevant potential users to avoid any risk.

Solution: If your ad gets rejected, review Facebook Ad Quality Score guidelines. Chances are, you can get back in the game.

Incorrect Ad Format and Goal

Facebook offers a wide range of ad types and campaign options to its users. But using them without any reasoning will create a poor user experience. To that end, Facebook will misprint your efforts and suspend your account for good.

Solution: Thie step requires help at the early stage; otherwise, you will directly land into their jail.

important steps to avoid Facebook jail for influencers

Landing Page Quality

By viewing it from a technical viewpoint, Facebook Jail will first see the relevance to the respective ad, your profile, and general UX pitfalls. On the other hand, it plays a vital role in keeping your user remain on-site to avoid a high bounce rate. That will affect not only the wasted advertising budget but also Facebook’s algorithms target.

Solution: The best solution is to use Facebook’s debugger and see how they react to your content.


Two most important billing concerns are

  1. Your past payment being up-to-date
  2. See if any credit card are outdated on file

With all the pressure of advertising, forgetting the billing method becomes relevant, and if you are unable to launch a campaign, check its billing.

Solution: Pay off anything outstanding ASAP

Restricted or Prohibited Topics

 You might have wondered that Facebook Jail has minimal information about your business products and services advertisement. You are totally unaware of its restrictions, and besides product/service particular selling scheme, other names mentioned can produce complications.

Solution: Always make sure to list Facebook prohibited topics and restrictions to avoid such a situation.

Copyright & Trademark

If you have not proven to be a trademark owner, you will have to face some serious consequences. For instance, any famous images, video content, or audio will be identified in no time. Even if you become one, you still need to prove that your advertising profile has been allowed to use it.

Solution: Consult Facebook’s Intellectual Property FAQs on how to use any copyrighted or trademarked materials.

Using Facebook Jail

This step is eligible for both Facebook’s name and logo; however, you need to carefully follow these steps.

  • Don’t use corporate Facebook Jail logo
  • In the text, spell out the full name with proper capitalization with the same size and font as the rest of your text.

Being Reported for Spam

Either it’s malicious or unintentional, it will happen once in a while. It could also happen to best us. Facebook allows users to report others. While your intent may be entirely good-willed, there’s a chance someone may not feel that way and report you for spam.

Solution: Use the links at the bottom of the page to appeal this to Facebook.

Keep a Single Account

 You have set up another account for your company, later hiring an agency to grow more followers and implements best practices. Multiple accounts are an indication of dishonest behavior, and Facebook does not appreciate it. They do everything they can to encourage users to have one per person or business.

Solution: Do your best to regain access to your old Facebook Jail accounts; you must contact Facebook even if it fails.

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